Ogle Foundation NPC

Executive Summary

Ogle Foundation NPC started as a means of giving back to the community, especially school kids. After serving in the school governing body, I realised the need that existed within the schools. From taking care of the children, to meeting with the parents and finally the community at large, the main aim at the time was to eradicate poverty, so I then spoke to several other parents and teachers at the school to provide kids with meals. Ogle Foundation NPC is about making a difference to those in dire need.

Ogle Foundation NPC has 5 Main Major Components:

Fund Raising

Sanitary Towel/Pads for Primary School Girls

Distribution of Food Parcels

Comfort/Critical Kit Programme (distributed to SAPS, CPU) Child Protection Unit (Free of Charge)

NPO Excellence Awards (First in SA)

Mission Statement

“Join the fight – Get in touch “

To promote opportunities that are to Support, Connect and Grow NPO’s through Lobbying Mentoring, Networking, Strategic Alliances, Developing and most of all Recognising Excellence

Community Mission 

  • Provide community support through sponsorship
  • To fulfil the purpose of Ogle Foundation NPC through fundraising 
  • Beneficiaries will be None Profit Organisation, that are affiliated to O/F NPC
  • Various shelters and homes that need support

Our Vision

To provide a Platform for Inspiration and “Empowerment of NPO’s”

Future Aims 

To set up grassroots initiative to provide the missing Infrastructure that would help bridge the gap between Non-Profit Organisations and the communities at large.

Focus Areas

  • – Physical environment
  • – Emotional support
  • – Spiritual development
  • – Life skills
  • – Skills development
  • – Fund raising

Areas of Concern 

  • – Make connection with relevant Stakeholders
  • – Explore existing Corporate Relationships
  • – Visit different NPO’s throughout SA           
  • – Have discussions with Universities
  • – Have discussions with different Departments, Social Development and others

Social Edge

  • – Skills development.
  • – Giving back to the community.
  • – Forging and maintaining vital relations with key players.
  • – Bursaries and scholarships for people in dire situations. 
  • – Motivational speaking
  • – Event co-ordinating
  • – Fund Raising


2009 – 2010 (R500 000) in the form of new school bus, excursions and equipment for the crèche.

During 2010 facilitated the boys going to the Fifa Wold Cup. Spoke to Woolworths about boys Train coupons to attend school, and contributed R10 000 every month, unfortunately this home has been disbanded.

Mainly facilitated sponsorship from businesses in the area, for the community upliftment in various forms. The Methodist Church had what was known as Place of Hope under its leadership. Also been disbanded, due to lack of funds.

Raised about R50 000 from companies such as SABC, 702, Sasol Oil and SAB. In the period of five months, 2007.

In the period of 2 months raised about R45 000. They have since disbanded.

Which was based in Malvern. A centre for destitute people, mothers, fathers and their children. There I founded a Tele-sales Call Centre office of about 30 people. This Centre taught me a sense of giving back.

Worked as a Residence Fundraiser since December 2009, October 2015. Worked very closely with the late Mama Dorah Mazibuko, who taught me “giving your all’ to a cause and inspired me to go on, with the business of the day, giving back through NPO development. Will forever miss her, May her soul Rest in Peace!!!

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